The deputy minister Zeka met with a delegation of OSCE



The deputy minister Rasic is participating in a ministerial conference in Strasburg, France

The coordinator of national anti-drug strategy, who as well is the deputy minister of Internal Affairs, Sasa Rasic, is participating in the ministerial conference at the Council of Europe, which is being held in Strasburg, Republic of France, and is organized by Pompidou Group of this council.more

Kosovo Police and the UNDP destructed the ammunition collected last year

Kosovo Police and the UNDP have publicly destructed the ammunition in Golesh in Sllatina. On this occasion, the ammunition collected last year was destructed as it is in the framework of the Strategy and Action Plan for controlling and collecting Little and Light Weapons. more

It was the third meeting of the State Committees Regional Small Arms and Light

State Commissions on Small Arms and Light Weapons held the third consecutive meeting, organized by Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control and Eastern Europe Small Arms and Light Weapons (SEESAC).more

Citizens of Kosovo will be notified with SMS or email to get Identity Card or passport

Ministry of Internal Affairs, relying on the decision no.03/87 of dated 21.10.2014, will start informing citizens the Republic of Kosovo via sms, or email-address, to go to MCRC in all municipalities in Kosovo to attract, Identity Card or passport of the Republic of Kosovo.more